Hydraulic Road Blocker Hydraulic Rising Bollard Automatic Tyre Killer Swing Turnstile Gate
Hydraulic Road Blocker

Hydraulic Cylinder with Damping Function

Copyright LED design

Fast Speed, Low Noise

Hydraulic Rising Bollard

Anti-crash tested 

K12 certified

PLC control box 

Automatic Tyre Killer

Electro/Hydraulic Operation

Inductive Loop systems

Heavy-duty Steel Spike Barrier

Swing Turnstile Gate

High Level Swing Gate

Force Entry Protection

Slim Design Cost Effective

Parking Guidance System


1. Inquire history data of parking system

2. Parking System Parameters Setting

3. Real-time display in every zone, terminal slots and empty slots

4. Electronic map of parking slots real-time display

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Electric Tyre Killer

  • Hydraulic Tyre Killer
  • Electro mechanical Tyre Killer
  • Mechanical Tyre Killer
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Hydraulic Rising Bollards

304 Stainless Steel

Anti-crash Rated

Long-life Time Guarantee

Matured Hydraulic Technology

App or PC software Control by Internet

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Hydraulic Road Blocker

Hydraulic System Driven

Anti-crash Rated

High Security Level

Copyright LED design

Visual App and PC software control by Internet

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Car Parking Management System

Cost-effective,easy control

10 years quality market test

One-stop solution integration

Flexible customize design supports

Bluetooth&Fixed-position systems available


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Road Barrier Gate

2.5mm Mild steel
Road Barrier Gate(Automatic)

Used in parking lot
Stable running with low noise
Arm is up to 6m,lifting time: 1-6s

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