Hydraulic Road Blocker Hydraulic Rising Bollard Automatic Tyre Killer Swing Turnstile Gate
Hydraulic Road Blocker

Hydraulic Cylinder with Damping Function

Copyright LED design

Fast Speed, Low Noise

Hydraulic Rising Bollard

Anti-crash tested 

K12 certified

PLC control box 

Automatic Tyre Killer

Electro/Hydraulic Operation

Inductive Loop systems

Heavy-duty Steel Spike Barrier

Swing Turnstile Gate

High Level Swing Gate

Force Entry Protection

Slim Design Cost Effective

Car Parking Management System


Housing Size: 1300H×440W×340D(mm)
Housing material: Steel and Tempered glass
Color: Orange/ blue/ black etc can choose
ID card read/write time : ≤0.2S
ID card read/write distance: ≤10cm
Radio-frequency card read/write time: ≤0.2S
Radio-frequency card read/write distance: ≤10cm
Paper outing speed: ≤2S
Mode of communication: Base RS-485, Rear TCP/IP
Communication transmission distance: 1200m(RS-485)
Offline storage capacity: 30000 pcs (extendible)
Card capacity: 50000 pcs (extendible)
Blacklist capacity: 10000 pcs (extendible)
Data transmission speed: 4800bps/100M
Working Temperature: minors 30°C to 70 °C
Working environments: indoor, outdoor
Relative humidity: ≤95% coagulation free


1)Multiple network mode, can realize remote data and image transmission;
2)32-bit ARM dual-core processing technology;
3)Easy to install, debug and maintain;
4)IC, ID, bar code, RFID available in one control board
5)Nesting function available;
6)Extendible long distance read function;
7)Off-line working available;
8)Extendible plate-number identification and auto-printing;
9)Multiple charging mode, charging standards can be defined by the user;
10)Automatic card dispenser;
11)voice prompt available
12)Flexible system configuration, can be extended to multi-level parking lot management system;
13)waterproof, dustproof and rustproof case
14)Modular structure, high integration

icon gears


Monitoring Camera
  Monitor and Record cars entrance


Vertical Card Reader
  Take authorized card for entrance


ƒRoad Barrier
  Barrier Opening after authorized

④ Collect Parking Fee

⑤Vehicle Detector
Detect car rear left completely avoid
arm hit the cars

⑥Vertical Card Reader
⑦Monitoring Camera

⑧Road Barrier