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Production Line

We have a mature production line from the raw material to the finished products. Our design people will provide the drawing to the material company to do the cutout. Then we have skilled welding people to do the welding. Then it is the assembling and debugging.  

Fixed Bollards

Fixed Bollards

Automatic Bollard production

Tyre killer production

Turnstile Gate




OEM & ODM Capability

We have our own laser print machine. We can do OEM for clients. The logo can be printed on the top panel of the bollards, the LED strip of the bollards, flange panel of the bollards,  the LED logo of the road blocker and nameplate sticker on the side of the blocker, acrylic arms of the turnstile or nameplate of the turnstile gate. There is a text display on our PLC control box. Client·s company information can be shown there. 

We can also provide ODM service. The client can send us their design we can do exact per the drawing. 

OEM for road blocker

OEM control box




OED for turnstile

Research & Development

We have an outsourcing R&D team that focuses on developing and improving our products. Our mechanism has been updated for several generations.

We have developed a cellphone App and PC  software that can control the bollards, blocker and tire killer by the internet, which is our copyright. And we have got the Android and App store privilege to download the app.   To meet the market requirement, we have developed a cost-effective single-chip control box.

Office corner

office corner 





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