Hydraulic Road Blocker-What is it

Hydraulic Road Blocker Introduction 

The rising blockers are further divided into a spear-tip roadblock machine and a spear-free roadblock machine. The overall structure consists of an extension base, a turning body, a hydraulic power system, and an electrical PLC control system. Generally used in military, logistics warehouses, nuclear power plants, military bases, government key departments. It is used to protect the safety of the unit and prevent the intrusion of uninvited vehicles.  

hydraulic Road blocker

Core Parts of Hydraulic Cylinder

We all know that hydraulic cylinders are a very important part of hydraulic machinery. They play the role of an actuator in the whole hydraulic machine. In the whole process, the hydraulic cylinder converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. The hydraulic cylinder consists of the Tube, Rod, Rod Cover, Piston, Seal device, Buffer device. 

The working principle of each cylinder is almost the same. For a manual jack, it is actually the simplest cylinder. The hydraulic oil enters the cylinder through a one-way valve by a manually pressurized stalk (hydraulic manual pump). At this time, the hydraulic oil entering the cylinder can no longer be reversed due to the single valve, forcing the cylinder rod upward, and then continuing to make the hydraulic oil constantly entering the hydraulic cylinder, so that it rises continuously. Which is how the road blocker rising up. When it is lowered, the hydraulic valve is opened to return the hydraulic oil to the fuel tank. So the road blocker will close.  This is the simplest working principle, and the others are improved on this basis.

Hydraulic Jack

Product performance:

1. The structure is sturdy and durable, with large load carrying capacity, stable operation and low noise.

2. Adopt PLC control, the system running performance is stable and reliable, easy to integrate.

3. The automatic rising blockers and other equipment such as parking barrier gates can be linked and controlled, and can also be combined with other control equipment to realize automatic control.

4. In case of power failure or failure, if the hydraulic road blocker is in a rising state and needs to be lowered by the hand through the manual handle. Move the raised barrier cover back to the horizontal position for the vehicle to pass.

5. Adopting the international leading high-pressure hydraulic drive technology, the whole system is safe, reliable and stable.

6. Remote control device: Through wireless remote control, it can be raised within 100meters around the controller (according to the radio communication environment on site).

7, according to user requirements can be added to the following functions:

  •  RFID card control: add a card reader and RFID system, you can automatically control the lifting of the anti-terrorist road blocker by swiping the card.
  • Linkage of parking barrier gates with hydraulic road blocker: With parking barrier gate/access control, can be realized gang-control with road blocker 
  • Connection with the access control management system or toll collection system,  unified control by PC.

Road blocker projects

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