APP Remote Control Bollards and Roadblock by Internet

 The significance of mobile APP remote monitoring PLC controller 

With the rapid development of network technology and smartphones, the technology of remotely monitoring and monitoring the operation of the control unit PLC of the equipment system through the mobile APP is very mature. The PLC remote monitoring and control system based on the mobile APP can bring high economic benefits to both the manufacturer and the user of the device. Based on that concept, we developed and APP Remote Control Bollards and Roadblock. The user of the equipment can observe the running status of the equipment at any time and timely provide early warning, which improves the reliability of the equipment operation and avoids unnecessary losses caused by equipment failure. 


How to Download the APP on Smart Phone.

As we can see the trend of the mobile app system remote controlling the equipment, we are devoted to this for a while. We have fully tested the APP on Android and ISO phone to remote control bollards and blocker. Below are the steps on how to download the APP.

Download the APP on Apple Phone 

Step one: Input CamTeam on App Store

App remote control bollards and roadblock

Step 2: After downloading the APP, click the upper right corner to add the device. Then Add a networked device.

Step 2

Step 3: Powered on the App device and Camera then click Next

Step 3

Step 4: Make the camera and phone are online

Step 4 camera and phone online

Step 5: Input the UID and search the device. After loading, click Submit

Step 5: Input the UID

Step 5: The default password is admin. If you wanna change it, you can do it on the following page.

change password

change password


Last step: All is done. You can control our bollard and blocker by this App

Last step


NOTE: If you wanna control the bollards or blocker in our office, please contact me to get the UID. 


APP for Android System

You can only download the Chinese version on Android System or scan the QR code that we provided to install the cellphone APP control bollards.

If you need to use the English one, we will send a package to you. 

APK for android

Advantages and features of APP remote control bollards and roadblock based on mobile APP

  1.  The remote monitoring system can make full use of the source of intelligence in different places. It can enable remote experts to obtain remote monitoring data through the network, analyze and process them, and realize remote monitoring. If there is any situation at the site, you can operate the rising bollards and road blockers on your cellphone.
  2. The remote monitoring system can make full use of the material resources in different places. Through the use of this technology, sharing and remote experiments of off-site material resources can be realized.
  3. The management personnel uses the remote monitoring system to monitor the working conditions of the site without having to visit the harsh on-site environment, complete the setting and adjustment of parameters, and repair the faults.
  4. The application of remote monitoring system can realize the rapid concentration and real-time collection of field operation data, obtain the monitoring data on site, and provide the material basis of remote fault diagnosis technology.

If you are interested in our new development of APP remote control bollards and roadblock, please feel free to contact me. We will do our best to serve you.



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