Hydraulic Bollards Mechanism Test in Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

Why We Need to Do the Test 

As a rising bollards manufacturer, we are always committed to development and innovation. Previously, we have some projects in the North, like Heilongjiang, Xinjiang.  In Winter, those areas are super cold. The temperature can be -40 degrees.  The hydraulic movement has built-in hydraulic oil. Under low temperature, the hydraulic oil will freeze, which will undoubtedly affect the operation of the hydraulic bollards. In order to solve this problem, we have improved our mechanism structure and changed to a better built-in hydraulic oil, so that the Hydraulic Bollards Mechanism can work normally in extremely cold conditions.

Hydraulic Bollards Mechanism Test in Liquid Nitrogen Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

Below is the test details.

We have put the mechanism in the Liquid Nitrogen Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer. The pre-set temperature is -60 degree. We keep the bollards mechanism working until the temperature decreased to pre-set one. The test result shows that our innovation is great. The mechanism is working perfectly at low temperature. 

We are the leading automatic bollards factory in China. It is our duty and company prospect to provide innovative and high-quality products.

Hydraulic bollards mechanism

Preset low temperature


Electric bollards mechanism


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