Turnstile Gate-New York Can Finally Swipe the Phone and Take the Subway.

 New York will enter the era of "Swipe the Phone and Taking the Subwaythrough the Turnstile Gate

On the first day of the launch of the new system of the New York subway, Cheddar Radio of the United States sent a reporter to the Bowling Green subway station in New York to experience it.Three years later than Shanghai, one year later than Beijing, the international metropolitan New York public transportation system finally has to use electronic payment methods. The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announced on the 23rd that the city's public transport and subway will continue to use the "21st Century Payment Method", which relies mainly on Near Field Communication Technology (NFC), to purchase tickets or get on the bus. The 24 years of magnetic cards used in New York will gradually withdraw from the historical arena. The “brushing mobile phone inbound” payment method already introduced in other international metropolises such as Shanghai, Tokyo, London, etc. will become a new thing in New York.

On the eve of the 2016 US election for the New York State primaries, Hillary tried to experience the New York subway in order to please voters. The New York subway card reader did not disappoint her, let her brush 5 times in succession to successfully get through access control turnstile in the station. Of course, Hillary’s experience is not a case.


"Please swipe again"

"Swipe card again at this turnstile"

turnstile gate


The Chairman of MTA spoke highly of the new system. He thinks it make a huge steps on the journey to bring the fare system into a new model era.

According to official MTA news,Starting from May 31,In addition to the traditional subway card, Passengers can also be on lines 4, 5 and 6.From Grand Central Station to
Between Brooklyn and Atlantic Ave Subway station and Staten Island,On the MTA bus, use A new generation of contactless metro card OMNY Card. Just use the wallet with your hand Smart device, credit card or recharge card Tap it in front of the gate,You can pass the subway turnstile!

metro turnstile



Ordinary New Yorkers are positive about this late change. Someone commented on the Internet: "I am a New Yorker, but I live in Taipei, China. Every time I go back to New York, I will feel a moment back in the 20th century when I take a thin sheet in the slot  on the pedestrian turnstile in front of the subway station." Some netizens said: "This change may be a bit expensive for New York, but it is also a bit difficult, but sometimes people need to slap their heads to deal with the difficult situation." Of course, there are people who hope that the authorities can solve the problem of payment convenience, and don't forget Update the old hardware facilities like the turnstile gate, ticket kiosk ,etc of the New York subway and improve safety and health of the metro station. 



Metro turnstile

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