Automatic Bollards Price

How the Rising Bollards Work

Fully automatic bollards is mainly driven by hydraulic electromechanical integration inside the bollard body. The main accessories are hydraulic cylinder and power motor. Hydraulic cylinder and power motor are combined. After power-on, the pull rod can be controlled to drive the column body. The advantage of this design is that the lifting can be realized through simple control mode, and the cost of the product will be reduced a lot. 

automatic bollards

Automatic Bollards Price

For general traffic control, traffic control type electric bollard is recommended. The price of bollards will be more than $1000. It is easy to operate and maintain, and it has a certain anti-collision resistance. Others are slightly cheaper, but the price is mostly around $700. 

bollards price

Types of Road Bollards

After many years of application and development, today's bollards have been expanded to a variety of styles.

Its main classifications are as follows: 

1. Pneumatic fully automatic bollards: air pressure as the driving medium, through the external pneumatic power unit, the driving cylinder rises and falls. 

2. Hydraulic fully automatic road bollards: Hydraulic oil as driving medium. There are two kinds of control modes, i. e. driving the cylinder up and down through the external hydraulic power unit (driving part separated from the cylinder) or the internal hydraulic unit power unit (driving part placed in the cylinder). Now, the latter one is more popular use. Because it is more easy to install. 

 3. Electromechanical fully automatic bollards: the lifting of the body is driven by the motor built in the cylinder.

4. Semi-automatic road bollards: The lifting process is driven by the gas spring inside the cylinder, and the descending process depends on human beings to complete.

5. Lifting column: The lifting process needs manpower lifting to complete, and the weight of the column itself is relied on when it falls. 

6. Movable bollards: Separation design of column and base parts, when column does not need to play a regulatory roleIt can be put away. 

7. Fixed bollards: The column is directly fixed to the road surface. 

The main use occasions, advantages and disadvantages of various types of cylinders are different, so it is necessary to select them according to the actual project when using them. For some high security application sites, such as military bases, prisons, etc., it is necessary to use the anti-terrorism level, like the 273mm diameter.  Comparing with the general civil grade lifting column, the thickness of this automatic bollards generally needs to reach 12mm.  The other lifting column of general civil grade is  6 mm. In addition, the installation requirements are almost the same.

bollards price

Our Advantage of SST bollards

We have done the anti-crash test  of the bollards based on the 273mm diameter and 10mm thickness. The vechile is 6800kgs at the speed of 65km/h. The crash resistance is 1108kj. If you need the certificate and know more, please feel free to contact us. 


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