Tyre Killer-Automatic Road Spike Barrier Surface Mounted

Tyre Killer-Automatic Road Spike Barrier Surface Mounted
Tyre Killer-Automatic Road Spike Barrier Surface Mounted
Tyre Killer-Automatic Road Spike Barrier Surface Mounted
Tyre Killer-Automatic Road Spike Barrier Surface Mounted
Tyre Killer-Automatic Road Spike Barrier Surface Mounted

Product Details:

  • Brand:SST
  • Serial Number: SST-ZFS201
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong, China
  • Certificate:STR, SMQ

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 1 pcs
  • Average Delivery Time:To be negotiable
  • Payment Method:T/T,WU, Paypal,Money Gram, LC, etc
  • Package Details:Standard export wooden case, Pallet
  • Ability to Supply:1000pcs/ month
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Surface Mounted Automatic Tyre Killer 

This type of spike barrier is driven by an electric motor installed in front of the main gate. Mostly, it is in rising status. When there is authorized vehicle to access, security people can use the remote control or manual switch to put the spike down. It can be integrated with all access control system or parking system. 

The Spiker Barrier is commonly used with the parking boom barrier and traffic light. When the green light on,  the tire killer spike will close then the parking boom will rise up. When the red light is on, the parking boom will close and then the spike will rise up. This is to avoid the spike damage the vehicle tires. They can also be equipped with loop detector coil to close automatically,  beam sensor for safety. We have our standard size but we can also customize based on clients requirement. 

Tyre Killer with Parking Barrier

The standard tyre killer is a one-way spike barrier. It can also be used for 2 ways. There will be two mechanisms and two motors, two control boxes. It controls bidirectional.

                                          Double side tyre killer 

Technical Parameter of Automatic Tire Killer 

  1. Application range: Intersection safe protection in the main area
  2. Material: A3 Steel
  3. Surface treatment: Anti-rust Paint with reflective strip
  4. IP rate: IP67
  5. Specified color: Black and yellow 
  6. Length: Max 7m
  7. Width  :520mm 
  8. Height:   70~90mm
  9. Max loading weight: 80T
  10. Tyre Killer Spike Height: 150mm
  11.  Spike Thickness: 10mm
  12. Drive mode: Electromechanical
  13. Working Environment:   -40℃~+70℃
  14. Control mode: Short-range wireless remote control/drive-by-wire
  15. Remote control distance: within 100M 
  16. Traffic light interface
  17. Gang control with parking barrier and parking system 
  18. Material thickness:12mm(14,16mm options)
  19. The whole plate forming bending 
  20. System :220V electric motor drive
  21. Power supply:220(Control voltage 24V)
  22. System dynamic power (w):180W
  23. Rising time:≤1-2S
  24. Lowering time:≤1-2S
  25. Working Temperature:-35℃~75℃
  26. Storage Environment :-10℃~65℃
  27. Color: Optional
  28. Weight:0.3T
  29.  Casing Spec: Standard casing(Size can be customized)Mechenism control box size: 450*280*550mm

L3000*W520*H85, Rising Length:150

L3500*W520*H85, Rising Length:150

L4000*W520*H85, Rising Length:150

L4500*W520*H85, Rising Length:150

L5000*W520*H85, Rising Length:150

L5500*W520*H85, Rising Length:150

L6000*W520*H85, Rising Length:150

OEM and ODM service 

As we are the manufacturer, we can also provide the OEM and ODM service. If you have your design drawing, welcome to inquire about the details. Your satisfaction is our pursuit. 

Tyre killer  drawing

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