Semi-Auto Rising Bollards for Vehicle Access Control SST-SN219

Semi-Auto Rising Bollards for Vehicle Access Control SST-SN219
Semi-Auto Rising Bollards for Vehicle Access Control SST-SN219

Product Details:

  • Brand:SST
  • Serial Number: SST-SN219
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong, China
  • Certificate:ISO, CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 1 pcs
  • Average Delivery Time:To be negotiable
  • Payment Method:T/T,WU, Paypal,Money Gram, LC, etc
  • Package Details:Standard export wooden case
  • Ability to Supply:1000pcs/ month
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What is Semi-auto Rising Bollards

The semi-automatic retractable bollards are an automatic ascending, manual auxiliary dropping, no need for electricity and power equipment, and is widely used in fire exits, parks, pedestrian streets and other passages that are not frequently passing through the passages of vehicles, and is used for forcibly intercepting vehicles. Strong anti-collision ability, simple operation, and maintenance. The manual rising bollards are composed of a body, a flange plate, a lifting guide system, a gas spring, a locking mechanism, a buried box body.

The lock and key of the manual bollards are commonly used for mechanical products like the elevator. There are a triangle, rectangle, etc design, The one we used are rectangle one. The lock can be installed on the top or on the flange plate.

Semi-auto rising bollards

Same as the automatic bollards, the semi-auto one can also work with LED light on top. Logo print on top is also available. 

Semi-auto rising bollards

The Technical Parameter of  Manual Retractable Bollards

  1.  Name: Semi-auto rising Bollards            
  2. Passing pressure: 80 Ton Truck
  3. Drive mode: Gas Spring             
  4. Dynamic: 50kgs
  5. Unlock automatically bounce up time: ≤3-4S   
  6. Pressure drop time:≤2S
  7. Operating temperature:-35℃~75℃.     
  8. Rainproof, moistureproof and dustproof
  9. Material:304 Stainless steel               
  10. Rising height:600mm
  11. Standard thickness:6mm.               
  12. Diameter:219mm standard 168mm, 133mm options
  13. Casing size: 420*420*800mm           
  14. Weight:±80-90 kg
  15. Gas Spring: Stroke 600mm, rod diameter16mm. 
  16. 6k Mirror Tube
  17. Reflective strip 2 pcs                     
  18. LED light available


How to Operate Semi-auto Rising Bollards-Go Up   

  1. Insert the key

  2. Press down the cylinder a little with your left hand or feet 

  3. Simultaneously turn the key by your right hand. Turn the key to the right when the right-hand feels turning. Let go after turning away.

  4. Bollards automatically rise to the predetermined height and locks


How to Operate Semi-auto Rising Bollards-Go Down   

  1. Insert the key
  2. Rotate the key to the right
  3. Pressing the bollard down strongly to the bottom 
  4. Press the top of the cylinder with the foot and turn the key to lock the cylinder.
  5. Pull out the key

NOTE: Please remember to press the top of the cylinder a little then turn the key. There is a buckle built inside the bollards. When you press the bollards a little down. The buckle is loosing. Then the key can be easily turning. If it didn't operate as our method, the key is easy to get damaged. 

Any question, please feel free to contact us. 


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