High Speed Parking barrier with Servo Motor and Good Price

High Speed Parking barrier with Servo Motor and Good Price
High Speed Parking barrier with Servo Motor and Good Price
High Speed Parking barrier with Servo Motor and Good Price

Product Details:

  • Brand:SST
  • Serial Number: SST-ZFFB10T
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong,China
  • Certificate:CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 1 pcs
  • Average Delivery Time:To be negotiable
  • Payment Method:T/T,WU, Paypal,Money Gram, LC, etc
  • Package Details:Standard export wooden case
  • Ability to Supply:1000pcs/ month
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High speed parking barrier 

Parking barrier is a very mature product in China. Cost effective fast speed servo motor barrier meet the market trend. It is also a new chapter to barrier gate product.

high speed parking barrier


Parameter of  High Speed Parking Barrier



Max arm length 2.5m, Φ75 3mΦ75
Opening/closing time  0.6s  0.9s
Supply voltage 100-240CAC 50/60Hz 100-240CAC 50/60Hz
Power consumption Max 150W  100W
Housing design Powder-coated steel plate  Powder-coated steel plate
Housing Dimension(L*W*H)  320*320*1000mm     320*320*1000mm
Base frame  Powder-coated steel plate 2mm Powder-coated steel plate1.5mm
Weight(w/o boom)  45kg     45kg
Temperature range  -40°+55°C     -40°+55°C
Motor   DC Servomotor    DC Servomotor
IP rate    54           54
Supply Voltage     100-240V 50-60  100-240V 50-60
Power consumption  8W     8W    
Fuse    F5AH    F5AH   
Control voltage       24V DC/max 300mA   24V DC/max 300mA
Number of digital input   8 8
Number of relays/digital outputs      3/2    3/2
Temperature range -40°+60°C    -40°+60°C
IP rate 20 20
Weight      330g 330g
Size      155*110*60mm   155*110*60mm
Specified number of cycles     10Mio      10 Mio
Warranty         2 years   2 years  

 servo motor

The feature of servo motor parking barrier 

  •  High-end level, advanced servo control system, high speed, and precision, no faulty.
  •  Low-power servo motor, truly maintenance-free, high-resistance, green energy saving, and environmental protection.
  •  No position sensor is required, and the accuracy of each stop is the same.
  • No need to absorb the rubber block, truly no impact, no bounce, no adjustment.
  • Highly reliable industrial-grade moving parts that completely exceed the quality of the industry.
  • Excellent waterproof performance, the whole high speed parking barrier waterproof standard IP65.
  •  Can be connected to DC24V battery power supply work, can be combined with solar energy, wind power generation, suitable for local applications where AC power is lacking.
  • The speed of falling and lifting is fast, improving the vehicle passing speed
  • Automatic starting of power failure, in line with fire safety requirements.
  • Anti-collision and off-bar function.
  • Long-term maintenance-free, greatly reducing maintenance costs.
  • 0 rpm maintains a constant torque.
  • 0.9s and 0.6s fast speed barrier, widely used as toll barrier 

servo motor parking barrer

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