Body temperature measure and hand sterilizing column

Body temperature measure and hand sterilizing column
Body temperature measure and hand sterilizing column
Body temperature measure and hand sterilizing column

Product Details:

  • Brand:SST
  • Serial Number: SST-HSTM -01
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong,China
  • Certificate:CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 1 pcs
  • Average Delivery Time:To be negotiable
  • Payment Method:T/T,WU, Paypal,Money Gram, LC, etc
  • Package Details:Standard export wooden case
  • Ability to Supply:1000pcs/ month
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Main Components of Body Temperature Measure

There are 2 main parts of the temperature measurement and disinfection column 

  1. Intelligent Temperature Measure Device
  2. Automatic Hand Sterilizing Dispenser
  3. Tissue Case
  4. Automatic Electric Up/Down System
  5. Main Column

Body temperature measure


Main Technical Parameter of Automatic Temperature Measurement and Disnfection  


HSTM Column


Thermopile Type

Mini Value


Measurement Accuracy


Measurement Range


Measurement Speed


Working Environment

Environment 10℃~40℃,Humidity≤80%RH

Storage Environment

 Room temperature between -20 ~ 60 ℃, humidity≤95% RH (no corrosive gas and well ventilated indoor), atmospheric pressure: 70kPa ~ 106kPa

Safe classifications

Equipment that cannot be used in the presence of a mixture of flammable anesthetic gas and air or a mixture of oxygen or nitrous oxide



Full size


Retractable size



Disinfection water mode



Column Material

Iron with anti-rust Powder Coated


Temperature Measuring Device 

 A temperature measurement mode switching button is hidden at the mode switching hole. You can use a thin wooden stick or a paper clip to insert it and press and hold the internal button to switch the temperature measurement mode.


2.3.1 The default temperature measure mode of the thermometer is hand temperature mode, which is used to measure palm temperature and wrist temperature

2.3.2 Press the button once, the temperature measurement mode is switched to the forehead temperature mode, which is used for forehead test.

2.3.31 Press again, the temperature measurement mode is switched to the surface temperature mode, which is used to measure the temperature of the object.

2.3.4Press again, the temperature measurement mode is switched to the calibration mode, this mode is used for factory calibration test, please ignore this mode for daily use.


There are a total of the above 4 modes, multiple presses can be switched cyclically, and the thermometer will have a corresponding voice prompt message


Hand Disinfection Device 

Body temperature measurement

It is touchless design with sensor built in. It can totally avoid cross infection.When the sensor detects hand to start dispensing disinfection water and there is green indicator light. When hands off to stop automatically. Every dispensing is quantitative.All the procedure is automatic.


The capacity is 1000ML. Every dispensing is about 0.8-1ML. So it can be used 1000times.

Independent liner for easy addition of disinfectant or medical alcohol.Alcohol concentration is less than 75%


Hand disinfection

Tissue case,Automatic Up/Down System and Main column.

As the virus spreading, lots of flights have been canceled .Most country is in lockdown situation and severe hand-shorted. It makes the international logistic very hard. The shipping cost by air and express is flying high. Given to this, our automatic temperature meaasurement and disinfection column have made a design that can retract the top part into the bottom parts.So the package size is smaller. The small size can save the shipping cost and available to send by DHL, Fedex, TNT,etc.

We also make a small tissue case at the left side of the column. It is convenient for people to get tissue.

Welcome to inquire our body temperature measure and disinfection column. 

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